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Here's What This Program Includes...
Getting Clarity On...
Value $2500
  • Hormones: Uncover What's Going on Hormonally & Start Balancing Your Hormones From Week 1
  • Stress/Anxiety: Start Re-wiring Your Brain To Help Drop The Barriers & Patterns In Your Physical Body
  •  Gut Health: Optimize Nutrient Absorption and Rule Out or Tackle Gut Issues at the Root
  • Food: Discover Your Ultimate Recovery Diet 
  • ​Supplements:  Incorporate Supplements Safely That Support Healing While Under Guidance of Experts, Get the Right Doses and Feedback On How to Tweak If Needed
  • Sleep: Implement Our Sleep System Allowing Your Body to Heal Much Faster
  • Movement: Start A Movement Routine That Works For You & Your Body
Weekly Coaching 
Value $2000
  • Get Answers: Each Week Ask Our Expert Team All Your Questions That Come Up As You Move Through The Content
  • Get Personalized Coaching: Tell Us What's Going On With You On The Call & We Will Give You Customized Guidance And Next Steps
  •  Inspiration From Other Sufferers: Hear From Others Who Are In A Similar Boat And Get Inspired By Others and Learn From Each Other
  •  No More Worry or Indecisiveness: When You Get Your Questions Answered Each Week You Won't Waste Money on the WRONG Supplements or Doing Other Things to Sabotage Your Recovery
Be Part Of A Healing Community
Value $450
  • A Supportive Place To Connect With Health Experts And Other Adrenal Fatigue Warriors! 
  • Weekly FB LIVES From Our Team of Specialists
  •  Get Inspiration From Other Recovery Warriors
  •  Ask Questions To Other Warriors or Inspire Them
  •  Keep Yourself Accountable With An Accountability Buddy 
  •  No MORE Wasting Time on FB Support Groups Where People Are Doing Lots of Random Trial & Error

and that's not all, if you sign up today....
You get these AMAZING BONUSES...
Recovery Cookbook
Over 60+ recovery recipes, including coffee alternatives, nourishing broths, tonics, and meal ideas that will help you combat inflammation while loving up your adrenals!  (Value: $250)
Recovery Meditation Album
A downloadable, 10 track guided meditation album that will make it easy to integrate Fatigued 2 Fabulous into your life. Each meditation tackles one of the most common adrenal fatigue issues, helping to rewire your brain around stress & your symptoms which retrains your body for recovery.  (Value: $250)   
Our Comprehensive Gut Reset Program
Break through one of the biggest barriers that holds people back from recovery, with a 4-part virtual training series. We will walk you through a comprehensive system for rebooting your gut and setting a foundation for increased health + vitality.  (Value: $1000)
Private Starter Coaching Session 
A private session with one of our expert coaches, gives you a bit of a leg up. We make sure you’re prepared for the program and that you have everything you need to get the best results! (Value: $350)

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A one time payment of $527
Payment Plan
3 monthly payments of $200
Our Expert Team
Danielle Zies
Holistic Nutritionist
Specializing in Hormones
Angela Rocchio
Lifestyle & Stress Coach

Dr. Holly German
Naturopathic Doctor 
Dr. Effy Germanis
Naturopathic Doctor & Acupuncturist
Over a decade of expertise in the areas of natural medicine, health, adrenal, hormones, stress, behavior change, brain re-wiring, transformation and more....
Here's what a couple of our amazing clients have said...
The Fatigued 2 Fabulous program was a catalyst for me to gain back control over my lifestyle choices and commit myself to the journey of healing myself...
...The program is full of great information on nutrition, supplements, physical activities, mindfulness, and realistic lifestyle changes you can start incorporating immediately.
It changed my life!" 
Tori  - Medical School Student
"For the first time, I felt like health professionals were actually hearing what I had to say about my illness...
  ...After only a few months of working with this team, I was able to work multiple 16-hour days on set as an actress. I even had zero flare-ups. That hadn't happened in YEARS.
I was thrilled!"
Stephanie - Actress
"Since working with the ladies and the Fatigued 2 Fabulous tribe, I have completed one triathlon and am preparing for another one...
...I finallly have the energy to not only get back to running but also be the mother my 2 children deserve and an added bonus I'm connecing more with my husband, I'm so grateful" 
Heidi - Mom + Athlete
"Angela and Danielle are helping me get my life back..
...With their help my energy, sleep, anxiety and blood sugar all improved, so much that I went back to working part-time and I finally feel ready to try to get pregnant.
I can’t thank them enough for what they given me.
They offer the comprehensive approach that is needed."
Brett - Nurse Practitioner
"My biggest accomplishment so far is the ability to reduce my stress levels. Far from having it mastered, but I’m make progress. Love module 2!
Thank you ladies for your help and guidance. I know that you truly care about each of your clients. At the risk of appearing mushy xoxo" 
" Working with Danielle and Angela was life changing for me, through their guidance of nutrition, supplements and mindfulness, I was able to improve my quality of life. I have the tools now to manage this condition and live fully. Now, when I feel bad and exhausted  I just go back to my notes and start over 
Chadney - Business Consultant
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • ​7 Modules - Audio & Video Lessons, Meditations, Protocols, Checklists...(Value: $2500)
  • ​Weekly Coaching Calls With Our Expert Team (Value: $2000)
  • ​Recovery Meditation Album, Cookbook & Amazing Gut Reset Program (Value: $1500)
  • ​Access to Our Private Members-Only Facebook Community (Value: $450)
  • ​ Protocols to Eliminate Candida, Leaky Gut & Parasites Approved by NDs (Value: $1500)
  • ​Private 1-on-1 Starter Coaching Session With An Expert Coach (Value: $350)
  • ​Shopping List Guide & Weekly Meal Planning Creation Guide (Value: $1000)
  • ​Recovery Diet Guide, Plan and Portion Control Guide (Value: $200)
That's a value of well over $9500!
You'd be silly not to do this program ;)
FOR JUST $527!
Pay in Full
A one time payment of $527
Payment Plan
3 monthly payments of $200

So, what happens after you ENROLL?
You will get an email in your inbox with in minutes that will include your very own private login for the program member's area. You will get immediate access to Module 1 of the Program. You will also get another email giving you an access link to join us for your first LIVE coaching call this week...with our EXPERT team. 
Frequently Asked Questions
 I barely have enough time to get things done as it is - how will I find the time to do this program? 
We know you're busy, and tackling one more thing seems like a lot. But this program will ACTUALLY save you tons of TIME, ENERGY & MONEY because you're efforts are no longer SCATTERED. We help you focus on the right things, doing ONLY what counts. LESS WORRY, "Am I doing the right stuff?" NO more time being overwhelmed and indecisive.

How is the content delivered?
Each week, with each new module you will receive access to new information and resources. You will receive video and audio trainings and resources within the dashboard as soon as the content is released. Also, we have LIVE coaching calls each week to answer any questions you have about the content or whatever else. On the call you can get laser coaching from each of us. And if you can't attend a coaching call LIVE, they are recorded and placed inside the member's area and can listen to it any time. 

I have an autoimmune disease, will this program still help me?
The tools and material we are providing in this program will show you how to adapt to life's stressors more easily. One common concern for those with autoimmune issues is that the immune system is already over active-- you don't want to further stimulate it. This program is designed to help bring the body back into BALANCE on all levels, including in the gut which is where many autoimmune diseases begin. In this sense, our approach to recovery is very safe for those struggling with auto-immune issues. If you're case is complex and you are nervous about implicating any changes, we recommend you work directly with one of our team Naturopathic Doctors to help tailor and customize this program more to your needs to help ensure you get the best results possible from it.

I have other health issues and am on various medications, is this program safe for me?  
The short answer is Yes. Many of the changes we discuss in this program are lifestyle and food focused. When it comes to supplementation, we have provided lists of resources and recommendations. However, we encourage you to work with your doctor or one of our team naturopathic doctors to ensure any supplement protocol you do consider is safe for you. As supplements are just one piece of the recovery puzzle, you could omit that section completely and focus on the other areas and still get tremendous value. 

 I've struggled for years and tried so many things, how do I know this program is different?  
Firstly, we are a team of experts specializing in this condition. We have naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, stress-management, behavioral and lifestyle coaches within our collaboration. We've been there, we've healed from stage 3 and we're now showing others, like you, who are struggling the steps required to help you do the same. A lot of the time what you get are people focusing on one or a few modalities of health and not all of them in their holistic entirety. This is key to getting over AF once and for all. Often times there are barriers holding people back from recovery, our specialty is helping you acknowledge and face those barriers, and providing you the tools needed to break through them along with a clear plan and protocol for doing so. 

I really feel this is right for me, but what if I can't afford it right now?  
We totally get it, we've been there. I don't know about you, but looking back we remember spending thousands of dollars on our healing journey. Between all the different supplements and working with different practitioners and specialists to get answers, it can get expensive. Trying to get answers when you're struggling with adrenal fatigue can be draining not only on your already limited energy, but also on your bank account. We are trying to make this program as affordable for you as possible and that's why we created the payment plan, so you don't have to bite off more than you can chew at one time… to make things easier to digest (we told you we care about your gut health ;). We don't want you to waste your precious time and hard earned money for years, like we did. That's why we've brought together an awesome team of professionals to provide you with all the tools you need in one place, so you can get results quickly. This program will actually save you money.

FOR JUST $527!
Hurry, this offer ends in 12 hours!!

Pay in Full
A one time payment of $527
Payment Plan
3 monthly payments of $200
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